Monday, March 13, 2006

Today is payday

I got paid today. Tonight I am paying bills, and working my way out of debt. I don't have much in the way of debt, just a car loan, and a little bit on credit cards. The house and everything else is paid for, plus I am putting a little bit away for savings. I even have a Roth IRA that I started a few years ago. Money is one of my favourite subjects. On Saturdays while I am in the office at work, I listen to Dave Ramsey. He is a financial expert that I hear on XM radio. ( Hows that for a plug, huh?) He is a bit of a preacher, and I disagree with him on the issue of credit cards, but all in all, I think that he is pretty good. In listening to him talk to and listen to his callers on the radio, I do get the idea that he does care about people. He has stated that long ago, he was broke, and had big debt (even filed for bankruptcy) twenty some odd years ago, now he is out of debt and trying to help others do the same with this thing called "Total Money Make Over'. Occassionally I also listen to Bruce Williams.


hugh said...

Good for you, Heather. Most people your age don't have a clue as to how money works. I'm in my fifties and I am doing all right but I wish I had been smarter about money when I was younger. Avoid any guys who can't pay their own way. Aloha, Amigo.

DEBTective said...

Dollface, just wanted to say a big-time thanks for spreading the word about Dave Ramsey, and for working to deep-six your own debt. Dave's plan makes tons of sense, doesn't it? Way to go on the dough, baby!