Thursday, May 31, 2007


Today I went to the DLC and learned how to use something called Byetta. It seems that Byetta is pretty simple to learn how to use. The needles are very small and I can barely feel them when I inject the Byetta.I also tested my blood sugar this morning before I had my medicine and breakfast. Too high! Will work on getting that under control and starting a light exercise program. For some strange reason when I get home from work, I am just hard to get motivated. Oh yes, I have to watch my food portions too. My food choices are excellent, though. I have cut out the diet pop almost completely altogether. These days the main things that I drink are skim milk and ice water. That is really all I need for drinks. I don't drink alcohol at all. I did get drunk a few times when in college and a few times after wards, but I never really liked the taste of it. Need to work on getting more sleep, too!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Another good gem from Yahoo!

Political Preference Is Half Genetic Melinda Wenner
Special to LiveScience
Mon May 28, 10:46 AM ET

Whether you prefer Rush Limbaugh or Keith Olbermann has to do with your genes and your psychology, according to a new study.

People who are more conscientious and prefer order, structure and closure in their lives tend to be more conservative, whereas creative people who are open to new experiences tend to be more politically liberal, says John Jost, a psychologist at New York University who conducted an overview of previous studies involving a total of more than 22,000 participants from 12 countries.

But that psychological profile only pulls half the weight when it comes to determining people's politics, his review showed. The other half is genetic, as is revealed in studies of twins and their political bent, Jost says.

Politics in America

A number of sociologists have argued that political ideology died in America after World War II because both the left and the right wing were heavily discredited at the time.

Jost says the latest research shows the opposite, that politics in America today are very much alive. His previous research has suggested, for example, that more than 90 percent of college students can identify where their political beliefs fit on a scale running from the “left” (liberal) to the “right” (conservative), and that their affiliations strongly influence how they vote in elections.

Americans also appear to enjoy being involved in politics.

For instance, 44 percent of respondents to the 2004 National Election Study reported that they regularly listen to political talk radio.

Recipe for beliefs

Given our current political appetite, Jost next wanted to know whether liberals have different psychological traits than conservatives.

His “meta-analysis” of previous studies, including his own, showed that liberals seem to be drawn to chaos and novelty—for instance, they tend to support social change—whereas conservatives prefer reassurance and structure, and thus like to maintain the status quo.

Jost’s findings, detailed in American Psychologist, suggest that environmental factors, or the types of situations people encounter in their lives, determine approximately half of their political preferences.

For example, when people fear death or terrorism, or are in a state of uncertainty, they tend to become more conservative, he said. A study of World Trade Center survivors after 9/11 reported that 38 percent grew more conservative in the 18 months following the attacks, as compared with only 13 percent who became more liberal.

The other factor that determines a person’s political beliefs is biology. Research by John Hibbing, a University of Nebraska political scientist, showed that identical twins share more political beliefs than fraternal twins. They also, of course, share more genes.

“Forty, perhaps 50 percent of our political beliefs seem to have a basis in genetics,” said Hibbing, whose studies were included in Jost’s analysis. While genetics are unlikely to “hardwire” people into being liberal or conservative, Hibbing said that genes could make people more or less likely to have certain values or react to situations in a particular way.

This knowledge could pave the way to a more tolerant society, Hibbing said.

“If you think your opponents are not just being willfully bullheaded but rather have a kind of biological predisposition toward a set of beliefs, you might not spend as much time beating your head against the wall trying to get them to change,” he said.

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Original Story: Political Preference Is Half Genetic

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Flim Flam people

I fell asleep last night about midnight. I am a fairly heavy sleeper.Well, I wake up at about 5 am to void, and as I am coming back to my bed the tv is still on. Well, what do you know is playing? One of those crazy as hell informercials. Not just a regular one trying to hawk some worthless kitchen crap, but this one is a tv preacher. He was trying to sell some sort of mineral water that is supposed to bring one health and wealth. Then he was trying to sell some sort of hanky. ( This gave me visions of Mr Hanky the Christmas poo dancing around in my head which made me laugh out loud and scare my dog) I laugh and think: why would anyone fall for this crap? I have subsequently found out that this preacher was brought up on charges of fraud and has filed bankruptcy. Why is this idiot still on tv? He and his wife sit there on tv with these asinine looks on their faces and the backdrop is so obviously phony. Who in their right minds would send this guy money? He and his wife are con artists. He claims to be a faith healer. If he really believed tat he could heal people, then why not have a tv show on primetime? Then again, check out his name: Peter Popoff.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Tomorrow I am going to the Diabetes Learning Center for a class on how to use something called Byetta. I have to use this penlike needle to inject myself then I must eat within one hour of doing it. Things have been going better for me personally. I am finally starting to kick this illness! On a much sadder note, a friend of my family (more a friend of my father) died on May 14. :(. He had health problems and had just been released from the hospital for heart trouble a few days earlier.

Friday, May 18, 2007


It appears that I have a dissenting voice on one of my blog entries. Thats ok. I do not mind. I will keep up all responses, unless of course the responses are threatening or too graphic. This is what a blog is for, isn't it? And if the responders wish to remain anonymous, then I will respect their privacy.What I should have said on that blog entry is that I get sooooo tired of the CONSTANT complaining about the current administration and it just seems like every message board has some posters that blame everything that has gone wrong in their lives on the President. I don't mind reading the occassional complaint, it is the CHRONIC and CONSTANT complainers that get on my nerves.I just have no tolerance for whiners

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

News on the Lil Guy

Hello everyone. Hows it going? Update on Zorn: He got VERY ill early last month. We are not exactly sure what caused his kidneys to fail, but he was hooked up on an IV for a while and spent about a week going between hospitals.For a while we were not sure that he was going to make it. We got his kidneys flushed out, and now he is doing MUCH better and a boundless source of love and energy! He is almost 5 months old and getting to the happy, fun , yet awkward and cute big eared, long tailed, big foot puppy stage!

Thursday, May 10, 2007


I have just discovered(lol)by far the most bizarre thing on the web: YOUTUBE. Thats why I have not been posting here so much lately. I felt kinda nostalgic for those old classic retromercials and public service announcements. Some are just downright funny! I will post some here soon.