Sunday, November 27, 2005

Thanksgiving Day Year of our Lord 1968

I was born on Thanksgiving Day, November 28, 1968. That is right. Today , I am 37 years old. Yes, I have managed to make it this far in life with out breaking any bones or killing myself. ! Not that I have tried, lol. I never have. But sometimes I am just a wee bit accident prone. Ok not accident prone but I am clumsy. One time, I was at work all alone and silly me, I decided to get up on a ladder to fetch some thing down in a box up above my company office. This was a big mistake. yes you guessed it. I stepped up on the very highest step and the ladder , which was not correctly balanced, tipped over and crashed to the ground with me on top if it. I fell like 12 feet. I could have sworn after I hit the ground that I had broken my arm. I didn't but I still hurt like hell . For the rest of the day AND the next day. To this day, I will not climb a ladder.

Saturday, November 26, 2005


I have this strange feeling that your time is near, old girl. I love you. My heart is breaking now. I have this feeling that you will cross the Bridge soon. Your body is weak, but your mind is still strong, I can tell. I found this poem, and it reminds me of you.
A good dog never dies, she always stays, she walks beside you on crisp autumn days when frost is on the fields and winter's drawing near her head is within our hand in her old way.
-- Mary Carolyn Davies I have only been to the Rainbow Bridge site a few times. Every time I have gone there, I just get tears in my eyes. I know that I have to face the reality that Dame will go sometime, she has to, but that does not make it any easier. My family is giving her a good life, she has excellent health care and a great place to live with plenty of food , water, and love. When she is gone, I will miss her so much. She is old, about fifteen(which is old for a GSD) and is very lame. She can walk, just not very well. As far as I can tell she is in no pain. I love you, Dame.


Well, I am back from Thanksgiving break. I went to Arkansas to visit my sister. All went great! She is doing fine, working working working. Had great food, too. Mexican, yum! On top of that, I turn 37 on Nov 28 which is Monday! On a much sadder note, my great uncle passed away on Thanksgiving Day. He was 96 years old. He did have health problems. He lived a great long life! He and my great aunt would have been married for 70 years this next year, I believe. 70 years is a looong time.

Monday, November 21, 2005


I have my boy here with me tonight. He is a male GSD who is 8 years old and though he acts tough, he is a teddy bear! His ears have never even come all the way up LOL. He is one of my babies, he is brilliant and I love him dearly. He loves me, too and he is an excellent guard dog. Eager to please and he is a quick study too. I will post a pick of him sometime soon.

My personal webpage

Here is my personal webpage. Seems that other link that I posted her does not work. pinklooksgoodonme.html

Happy Thanksgiving

Well, it is Monday night , only about 9 pm and I am getting sleepy.. I am putting off dragging my butt to the local video store to return a movie( 'Point of Origin' a good one if you like true crime) anyway, I am getting ready to take a few days off for Thanksgiving and head down to Arkansas to visit my sis. I am glad because I could use a few days off. I worked 58 hour last week. I am tired. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Oh yes and I turn 37 a week from today. 37 candles is a LOT of candles on a birthday cake!

Sunday, November 20, 2005


Ok so it has been a few days since I posted. Lately I have not thought up any good rants. I have been meaning to post every day, but some days I am just a bit too tired. On a good note, I am going to visit my sister for Thanksgiving. I have not seen her in a while, plus I am glad to have a few days off.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

There are just a few left!

Just about every one I know owns a computer. Just about. I didn't own one until about 6 years ago. I admit that I kind of fought buying one . Then everone and every place started talking about websites, dot coms, dot nets, and dot orgs. I just HAD to find out what the hell everyone was talking about. I bought one from Gateway 6 years ago and I have never ever regretted it, ever. I use mine every night. It is wonderful. It is a pc, NOT a laptop. I would not have it anyother way. My folks also have one, my mom uses hers on occassion and my dad never uses it. He really seems to hate computers, or rather he is probably afraid of them, lol. I used to be. I used to be that is until I finally just faced my fear and called Gateway, and had one built for me. Now I am emailing and downloading and chatting all over the place. A few months ago, I even figured out how to make holiday cards. I watch movies and play music. I even have a new website. It didn't cost me a penny to make it. Life is goood! Here is the link: check it out and tell me what you think!

Monday, November 14, 2005


Would you believe?

Will wonders never cease!?! I sent in for for auto tags only about 4 days ago, and I have already recieved my tags! They are on my car as I type this. I still cannot figure out how to add music here. People have told me that it is easy, but for me it is hard! People say all you have to is download this and upload that and crossways this and that and the other and I say STOP!!!! I just figured out how to cut and paste 4 years ago lol.. any suggestions?

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Long Cool woman in a black dress

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Check out

You should hear this

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Saturday, November 12, 2005


Correcting the date .. I should post here every day..

Bill Kurtis

Bill Kurtis was great! I will tell more about it, but my arm is starting to hurt again, so I had better get some more sleep:)

Thursday, November 10, 2005


I am going to see Bill Kurtis tomorrow at the local university and I am real excited! He is the guy that hosts these great true crime shows on tv. Shows like 'American Justice' and 'Cold Case Files'. He is going to talk about the death penalty . He wrote a book entitled 'What I have learned about the Death Penalty' some time ago. He used to be in favor of it, but has changed his mind, I think. Either way, it looks to be very educational and informative. I will post more about it the day after tomorrow! I will see I f I can post some links too.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Speaking of taxes

LOL Hey speaking of vehicle tags and taxes.. I pay too much for my rav 4.. but I love my Toyota Rav 4 so much that I am NOT getting rid of it, unless of course it gets totalled in an accident. I have a ten speed bike in my garage that needs some fixing up. I may fix it up and ride it next year.. second thought , I may fix it up and sell it on ebay LOL

Property and Vehicle taxes

I just got my vehicle registration info in the mail a couple of weeks ago. I paid it today. Well I dropped it in the mail today, and I shgould get the tags in the mail in a about a week or two. Damn I hate paying taxes(who doesn't?lol) and just when I get done paying those, I get-suprise- my property tax bill today! Well not really a suprise, I get the bill every year, and I pay twice a year-half in December and the other half in May. Taxes really do suck. But I guess that the state and the Feds have to collect money somehow. Plus if you don't pay the taxes you lose your property and you could go to jail. Not fun. On the brighter side, Thanksgiving is coming up, and I turn 37 in a few weeks:)

Thursday, November 03, 2005

where I got the info I just posted

This is what she has:(

Ununited Anconeal Process
Ununited anconeal process has been reported in numerous large and giant breeds of dog, as well as some chnodrodystrophoid breeds such as Basset Hounds. The most commonly affected breed is the German Shepherd.
The joint affecting the humorous-ulnar area (elbow-illustration normal elbow) joint is formed by the articulation of the humorous and the ulna. It is responsible for stabilizing the joint and restricting extension of the elbow. The anconeal process fits into the hole of the humorous when the elbow is extended.
In certain breeds the anconeal process which is part of the ulna does not fuse. If not fused by 20 wk. of age this bone will stay ununited.(illustration ununited anconeal process)
Due to the non-union degenerative joint disease develops as a result of instability in the joint.
Clinical Signs:
Age of onset of clinical signs ranges from 4-8 months, although signs may appear in animals as young as two months and as old as five years.
Males are more commonly affected than females.
May affect both fore limbs and levels of pain and lameness may vary.
Pain is elicited on manipulation of the elbow, particularly extension.
Restricted range of movement in the elbow joint.
Swelling of the elbow
Radiographs of the elbow show evidence of the disease. Arthritis may or may not be present.
Options include conservative or surgical management .Young dogs may be best managed with surgery. See Tylenol
Surgical options include
-Removal of the anconeal process.
-Screwing the bones together
-Removing part of the ulna or a combination of the screwing and removal of bone.
Techniques that preserve the anconeal process may give better long-term success than removal of the process.
Nutraceuticals are also warranted i.e. glucosamines, MSM, and omega fatty acids.
This is very likely a genetic dysfunction. Therefore, affected animals should not be used for breeding or the parents of the affected animal.

Ok Here she is!

Here is my youngest furbaby!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Pictures pictures and more pictures

I have some new pics made and downloaded. I will add them tomorrow. I got a flu shot today. My arm is a little sore . I would [post more but it is late and I need to sleep.