Monday, May 04, 2009


if that doesn't work, the site is she has an excellent article today. Check it out.


Has it really been almost a month since I last posted here? My time does go by fast when you are busy. I have completely recovered from my surgery and I do have a 'battle scar' from it. Neat! For the rest of this post, I am going to completely change the topic, and let the wonderful Ann Coulter say the rest. Here is the link for her website:

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Well, tomorrow is March 23. Tomorrow is a busy day. I have an MRI scheduled tomorrow at 9 am. Whoo hoo! That means that I have to be at the hospital at 830 am for check in. Well, at least I get to sleep in a little bit. I will leave my boy (Donner ) at home to guard the house while I am gone. Donner is a wonderful old dog that I have who is now retired. He is a big beautiful German Shepherd, who sometimes just gets so excited to see me when I have not seen him in a long time.Then tomorrow is also payday. Yes Mondays, IMO, are the best day of the week! Haha, just kidding, I love all the days of the week. Yes, my work is the best. I love it. Tuesday, i will have the surgery post operational visit with my surgeon. I will then learn what it was that they took out of me. All I know right now is that it wasn't cancer. On Wednesday,I go to my podiatrist. Then Friday I see my therapist(who I have not seen in almost a month!) I think it is great, but I kinda shudder when I think of the doctor bills I am accruing. My insurance is excellent, Blue Cross, but I still have some out of pocket expenses. Then next week, I pay all my bills, plus I have to pay my income taxes,which I find out to some small relief that they are not as high I expected I would have to pay. At least I am not getting a refund. Ha. i actually look forward to paying my bills and paying my taxes next week. On April 1, 2009, the checks will be in the mail, babayyy! The Feds don't have to worry about me asking for any bailout money, the state does not have to worry about me asking for bailout money-I pay them, they don't pay me! Yes, I used to think that getting a refund sheck was some sort of 'bonus' but I have since then wisened up! Its my mo0ney to begin with, I am going to invest it all year until I have to pay taxes. I don't like loaning anybody money, especially loaning money to anyone interest free!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My first surgery

Well the surgery went well. I went in at 9 am to the Women's center close to the hospital at 823 Mulvane. I waited around a while .. the nurse who was with me there had some trouble with the blood pressure machines. She tried about 3 of them-couldn't find my pressure! After she did find it, I was put up on a sonogram and the doctor (Dr Sheridan) began giving me a local anesthetic in my right breast. The needle only felt like a slight sting, then nothing. He located the lesion, then proceded to put in the wire. Then I went on to the mammogram. Well it seems that the Dr had gone in too deep with the wire. When I got up to go to the mammogram, I immediately began to feel a sharp stinging pain in my right breast where the first needle was. It really made me cry out in pain. The doctor and nurse were very helpful and reassuring, and the pain started to subside when I had the mammogram.I had to have a second wire placed. Fun. When I was asked if I wanted another shot of the anesthetic, I said yes! The second wire went in, and the rest of the surgery went very smoothly. At about 1 pm I was transferred from the Women's center to Stormont Vail Hospital. I registered there and checked in, filled out the necessary papers and was scheduled for surgery at 130 pm. I was kinda hungry as I had no t had anything to eat all day. I was also a littlew nervous about having an IV placed in me. The staff at the Women's center and Stormont Vail were all very professional and were great and put my mind at easy. The IV was virtually painless. I remember being wheeled in to the operating room and there were some people there who helped me climb onto the table from my hospital bed. I began to feel a tad claustrophobic(is that the right word?) when someone, a woman, began to put the gas over my mouth. I finally learned to breathe, then I guess that is the point where I fell asleep and before you know it someone is trying to help me wake up! All in all, the experience was a very pleasant one

Monday, March 09, 2009

New TV

I just bought a new tv tonight. A shocker for me to part with 280 bucks, but hey, I had cash to pay for it, so I did. It is going to take a little bit of getting used to- the last one I had, which still works sometimes, is about 15 years old and is a heavy one with tubes. The new one goes in my bedroom and it is a flat screen with HD. I never quite understood what HD is supposed to mean, anyway. Well, I got my cable hooked up, no troubles, and now I am cooking with gas.I maybe spent a little more than I should have, but I could not find a tv for 250 dollars, so I went with the next lowest price. So far, so good. It is a Magnavox

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Rest in peace, Mr Harvey

Son of broadcaster Paul Harvey mourns father at Chicago funeral: 'A great tree has fallen'

Pallbearers carry the body of legendary radio broadcaster Paul Harvey from a funeral service at the Fourth Presbyterian Church in Chicago, Saturday, March 7, 2009. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)
03-07-2009 10:25 PM
By RUPA SHENOY, Associated Press Writer

CHICAGO (Associated Press) -- The son of radio legend Paul Harvey used his father's words for the eulogy Saturday at a public funeral service in Chicago, the city from which he launched his national news and commentary show.

"A great tree has fallen," said Paul Harvey Jr., quoting his father's send-off for President Franklin Roosevelt. "An empty place has opened up against the sky."

The broadcaster died Feb. 28 in Phoenix, where he had a winter home, less than year after the death of his wife of nearly 68 years, Lynne Harvey. He was 90.

Their son recalled the couple's long romance and his father's start on radio for the 200 mourners at the Fourth Presbyterian Church on the city's Magnificent Mile. When his father first applied for a job on radio, he was given a broom and told to sweep up, Harvey Jr. said.

The elder Harvey would have wanted to help mold reaction to the country's current difficulties, his son said.

Harvey's newsroom colleagues, ABC Radio Networks executives and Doug Limerick, one of two broadcasters chosen to fill Harvey's time slots, attended the service.

"You can hear his father in his words," Chicago Tribune media columnist Phil Rosenthal said of Harvey's son. "I think people are starting to realize what we've lost."

"It was a dignified eulogy delivered in a 'rest of the story'-type style," said Bruce DuMont, founder and president of the Museum of Broadcast Communications. "It exemplified the dignity of Paul Harvey."

Standing outside the church in overcast weather, Chicago resident and businessman Gregory Fischer said he felt compelled to attend the service because he could remember listening to Harvey as a child.

Fischer said that as an adult, he's realized that he was listening to a broadcasting trailblazer.

"He was a part of Americana," he said. "It was like he was talking directly to you."

Harvey had been heard nationally since 1951, when he began his "News and Comment" for ABC Radio Networks. He was credited with inventing or popularizing terms such as "skyjacker," "Reaganomics" and "guesstimate."

Staccato delivery, long pauses and phrases like "Stand by for news!" were Harvey's hallmarks.

In 2005, Harvey received the presidential Medal of Freedom. He also was an inductee in the Radio Hall of Fame, as was his wife.


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Monday, February 23, 2009


Zucker and Honig had a huge fight yesterday. About 4 pm I went up to the closed work and let them out of the cage to feed them. Four dogs. Well, two of the males were supposed to go home with me. Didn't happen because the remaining 2 females, Zucker and Honig got into a fight. I think it was Zucker who kind of started it. She is a bit of a biotch and snaps at the other dogs sometimes. Well, as I was starting to leave, Honig decided that she was not going to take it any more and started snapping back at Zucker. Zucker then really laid into her, and the fight was on. It took a major exhaustive effort on my partr to break them up and Zucker , who was losing the fight with Honig on top of her. I kept trying to grab ahold of them pull them apart , and got Zucker , the more injured dog out the gate and into my car. I switched Zucker for Goober(aka Zorn) and there was quite a bit of blood. I have a minor wound on my finger. I would have used water to blankets to break the two bitches up, but I had none available. After my screaming and getting Zucker in the car and the boy out, I called the animal hospital and told them that I would be on the way. When i got there, the vet tech was so nice, very professional. Well, Zucker got out of surgery at about 9 or 10 pm and seems that she had a very nasty puncture wound that had to be cleaned and stitched up. Now she is taking antibiotics. Damn I was so pissed, so fucking pissed that I shook nearly all of last night and could not sleep. Now, I have a 600 dollar vet bill. Well, the company does. They will reimburse me. Maybe what happened is my fault. But hey fucking bitches need to stop when I yell STOP.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Tomorrow I see the surgeon. Last Friday I had a biopsy- got the results yeterday. No cancer cells detected. I have something called a fibroidoma(I think0 which dr wants to remove to be on the safe side. I emailed Gerald 2 days ago.. no response so far.. ah well.. Thunderboy is doing well. Had some turkey this afternoon for lunch. Pup sure is an eater.!

Monday, February 09, 2009


Well, I got a surprise visit tonight. Gerald came by, just to say 'Hi'. I was suprised and shocked to say the least! I have his email address. Perhaps we will go to a movie. I found out today that it pays to bitch. I got almost 30 dollars knocked off my water bill that I am paying tonight(due the day after tomorrow! Yikes) They better not assess me a late charge. This is coming from a city agency. Will small wonders never cease!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

On biopsy, Ann Coulter, and taxes

Well hi there I guess that I should write in here since it has been a while. Well these days I am doing alright I guess. Tonight I am figuring up my 2008 taxes. Looks as if though I am going to have to pay both the state of Kansas and the Feds. They must love me, cause I pay em both so much. Taxes, bah humbug. Oh well. Just pay em. I don't pay any more than I absolutely have to. I did get a six hundred dollar rebate check last Summer. I don't think that the rebates were a good idea, but as I have little say in the matter, I did the best I could with it and spent it on my little house. By the way, did you see Ann Coulter on The View? Normally I don't watch The View, but she was on there. That woman I swear so smart and she says things to get Liberals riled up. Works every time. I go in outpatient to have a biopsy done on Friday February 13. Not exactly looking forward to it but has to be done. Later....

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

She is gone

My girl is gone. Rest in peace. Born April 1, 1996. Died January 13, 2009. Gone to the Bridge. She has been with me almost every day for almost 13 years. God I will miss her. I love her.She is one of the dogs in the video below. I will see if I can find a picture of her and post it later.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Well, many updates are beginning to happen on the old homestead. Tomorrow, I am having a plumber come out and help me get some insulating done, so I won't have any more freezes( knock on wood) this winter. Good timing too as it is supposed to get very cold for the next week or two. I also have a man coming out to help me figure out how to program my garage door opener. Cause I couldn't figure it out the other week. It ain't rocket science. ! And tomorrow I am getting some w-2s done for the company so I will get my taxes done and filed after I get my banking info. Speaking of banking, next week, I will hit a new milestone for the new(er) house that I will get(knock on wood) in a few years.

Monday, January 05, 2009


I know that you are not supposed to put water on a grease fire! What I did was very quickly turn off the stove and then put the pan in the sink. I find out after searching the internet that after turning off the stove, you are supposed to get a damp washcloth and cover the skillet, or probably better, cover the skillet with a top.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year a bit belated everyone. In the world. I am doing well, things are going well on the home front, in spite of a mini(teeny weeny ) flare up I caused today. I learned my lesson very well. Never get distracted while trying to cook dinner. I put vegetable oil in the skillet, then turned on the heat to cook the hamburger. Well after doing that I got distracted by the computer(what else LOL) and next thing I know, the skillet is going up in flames on my stove! Well, needless to say I kinda freaked and I somehow managed to get the stove turned off and the pan in the sink and the flames then rather quickly died down, but by this time the whole house was filled with eye watering, choking smoke. I tried to assess the damage but couldn't do that terribly well with my eyes watering andcoughing . I called the fire departyment to ask them how to get rid of all the smoke, and was told to wait outside in the fresh air until they got here. Minutes later they did, and we managed to get the smoke all cleared, then assessed the damages, which were extremely minor. Itis a minor thing, I know, but really embarrassed me and kinda shook me up a bit. I thanked the firemen(and they were all me ) and they were very understanding and polite, and checked out the rest of the house. Everything is a-ok.Nothing is seriously damaged, I even managed to save the skillet that burned. I even took on cooking later on in the evening.