Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I am very much addicted to the net

***You Are 63% Addicted to the Internet***

In your opinion, life without the internet is hardly worth living.
Could be, but you probably need a bit more fresh air and sunshine to think clearly.

Are You Addicted to the Internet?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

One of the best

songs ever: 4 Non Blondes: What's Up


Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn I wish that I had an F Buddy !!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Well here is the latest news regarding the phone call I made this morning to the Bariatric doc. I am not going to have the surgery. Seems that my insurance won't cover it. Oh well, I am terrified of surgery anyways. I checked it out on line and it is no minor deal. If I had it done, then I would have to miss out on work and then I guess that the recovery time is I don't know how long. Looks like I will have to go back to plan B. Diet and exercise. It isn't so bad anyway.I would have been extremely terrified anyway.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tomorrow I speak to a Bariatric doctor

Tomorro I am going to call a bariatric surgeon to set up an appointment to come and see him for some advice. Should i go for this ? I mean, I am morbidly obese. I am also deathly afraid of surgery and I have type 2 diabetes. I am a big chicken. I see others going through this surgery, yes, and I think they are so barve and I am the biggest chicken. I have never been through that kind of surgery in my life! Even IVs scare me. I want to be fully informed.I have tried the diet exercise route( ok I could have done much better on the exercise route) and I gained back the weight I lost. What do you think? I am scared. I don't want to die young.I have seen the lap band and gastric by pass and they look to be pretty invasive. I see them on the internet. Then I get even more scared. Then I see the positive results that others have had and I think 'I want that'! Wierd. I get horny sometimes,(ok all the time) and then I get sad because I don't have a boyfriend or husband and that no guy want sto go out with me. Except for Jeff, and he is kinda insane anyway. I think that a dramatic weight loss would help me feel more confident and better about myself. Oh well, enough with this self pity kick! I will log off and get some sleep right now. Sleep is very important too. Will post here and let you know how the call went tomorrow.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Baby Bond Bust

Hillary Clinton proposes $5,000 'baby bonds'

Hillary Clinton wants the government to give each child born in the United States a $5,000 "baby bond."

Sen. Hillary Clinton said today the government should give every child born in the United States a $5,000 "baby bond" to help pay for college.

"I like the idea of giving every baby born in America a $5,000 account that will grow over time, so that when that young person turns 18 if they have finished high school they will be able to access it to go to college or maybe they will be able to make that downpayment on their first home," the Democratic presidential hopeful told a Washington forum hosted by the Congressional Black Caucus.

Clinton did not say how much her proposal would cost or how it would be paid for.

About 4 million children are born each year in the United States.

The New York senator said these "baby bonds" would help Americans struggling to save enough money to cover rising education and housing costs.

Wealthy people "get all kinds of tax incentives to save, but most people can't afford to do that," she said.ORK writes:I have a lot of questions about this. How much money would have to be paid for the initial bond to grow to 5 thousand dollars? How would it be possible to find out who to send the bonds to? Is there some sort of register that parents would have to fill out ? How could one be sure that the bond actually went to the children's account and not some other person's account for nefarious reasons? Is it tax exempt? Is it retroactive? I mean, will I get a bond , simply for being born in 1968?Who will pay for the initial cost of the bonds? Will they be counted as income? Will illegals be able to have access to these bonds. I mean, if an illegal pregnant woman comes over to this country and gives birth, will the kid that is born be given a bond?Will American citizens born overseas have access to these bonds?Do you have to be over a certain income to obtain a bond? Under a certain income?Why does Hilary Clinton seem to think that it is the governments responsibilty to do what the parents should be doing?

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Never Pick up hitchhikers

When I was a kid, I heard all these stories about people hitchhiking and getting raped and murdered or assaulted in some way. My parents taught me not to pick up hitchhikers and never ever go hitchiking. My mother, however did break her rule just one time. My ssister and I were were on our way home from a roller skating rink once, my mother was driving, it was late at night , and I think it was starting to rain. This was back in the day before cell phones. Well we drove past this woman walking home alone late at night, and we knew that it was not safe for her to be out there alone. We picked her up, gave her a ride home.She was a tad leery of us, but not totally scared because we were an adult woman with two little girls, so I guess that we looked harmless to her. She was very grateful and thanked us a ton when we got her to her destination safely.

Thursday, October 04, 2007


I am DEBT FREE! Except of course, daily living expenses! My house was paid off long ago and the last thing I paid off on Monday was my Toyota Rav 4.I have a bit of good news! On Tuesday, I just mailed my final car payment:). Now my house and my car are paid off! I owe nothing except for daily living expenses! I am gonna hunker down and start saving more for retirement!

Monday, October 01, 2007

From the Inner Nets

You might be from Kansas if:

1. You no longer associate bridges or rivers with water.

2. You have never met any celebrities. (Bob Dole isn't a celebrity; he's your neighbor.)

3. You know the meaning of Rock Chalk Jayhawk.

4. Your closest neighbor is more than a mile away, and you can still see him from your front porch.

5. You can properly pronounce Salina, Basehor, Schoenchen, Kechi, Osawatomie and Olathe.

6. Going on vacation means going to Hutch to the fair, Abilene to Ike's museum or Boot Hill to see Miss Kitty.

7. You know exactly what calf fries are, and eat them anyway.

8. A traffic jam involves two cars staring each other down at a four-way stop, each determined to be the most polite and let the other go first.

9. A Mercedes Benz is not a status symbol. A Ford F150 4x4 is. (Except in Johnson County)

10. You discover that in July, it takes only 2 fingers to drive your car.

11. The terms Sooners and Huskers cause the hairs on the back of your neck to stand up straight and your blood pressure to rise.

12. You have owned at least one belt buckle bigger than your fist.

13. You think that people who complain about the wind in their states are sissies.

14. You are not surprised to find movie rentals, ammunition and bait all in the same store.

15. You know that the true value of a parking space is not determined by the distance to the door but by the availability of shade.

16. You have been asked, "Where is Toto" more than once.

17. You prefer the Little Apple to the Big Apple as a place to live.

18. You had at least one summer job that was bucking bales or custom cutting.

19. You understand the difference between 3.2 and 6 point and more than once you've made a beer run to another state.

20. You learned how to shoot a gun before you learned how to multiply.

21. Your school classes have been canceled because of the cold.

22. You know in your heart that K-State can beat Oklahoma in football.

23. Traffic congestion is ten cars waiting to pass a combine on the highway.

24. You have had to switch from heat to A/C in the same day.

25. You know everything goes better with Ranch.

26. You call that smell coming from the feed yards...Money.

27. Your school classes have been canceled because of the heat.

28. You complain that you cannot see Scott City...

29. You know that Mt. Oread is really only just a hill.

30. You have seen people wear bib overalls to funerals and weddings.

31. You have ridden the school bus for more than an hour each way.

32. Over 50% of your wardrobe is purple.

33. In August you break a sweat the instant you step outside at 7a.m.

34. You instantly know someone is from Johnson County when they call everything west of Topeka...Western Kansas.

35. A tornado-warning siren is your signal to go out in the yard and look for a funnel.

36. You know the real way to pronounce the name of Clintons state and the river... arKANSAS.

37. You think the opening day of pheasant season is a national holiday.

38. You NEVER liked Norm Stewart.

39. "Vacation" means going to Kansas City or Wichita for the weekend.

40. You measure distance in hours.

41. You know several people who have hit more than one deer.

42. You use a down comforter in the summer (because you run the A/C at 55 degrees).

43. Your grandparents drive at 65 mph through 13 feet of snow, during a raging blizzard, without flinching.

44. You see people wearing hunting clothes at social events.

45. You install security lights on your house and garage and leave both unlocked.

46. You think of the major food groups as beer, beef, and beans.

47. You carry jumper cables in your car and make sure your better half knows how to use them.

48. You design your kid's Halloween costume to fit over a snowsuit.

49. Driving is better in the winter because the potholes are filled with snow.

50. You think sexy lingerie is tube socks and flannel pajamas.

51. You know the 4 seasons as: summer, road construction, still summer, winter.

52. It takes you 3 hours to go to the store for one item, even when you're in a rush, because you have to stop and talk to everyone in town.

53. You actually understand these jokes and forward them to all your friends from Kansas.

54. You lock the doors to your truck but leave the windows rolled down.

55. Finally, you are 100% Kansan if you have ever had this conversation:

~You wanna Coke?


~What kind?

~Dr. Pepper.