Thursday, September 29, 2005

I'll be your baby tonight

Tonight, she stays with me. I took her home after work, and she quietly stayed in the back of my Toyota. Waited patiently while I went into the store for a while. When we got home, we went to play in my backyard for a while, amidst the gently sloping green grass hill that is in the back of my home. It was then that she saw them. Cowering, like the three year old that she is, she ran to the back door, worry etched on her face. Then I heard them. One older, one very young. She wanted nothing to do with them, and sat closed to the back door. I saw the little one hiding underneath the bigger one. Then I realized that they were both afraid of each other. I approached, as I am blessed with the gift of not being afraid of these creatures, and spoke with a soft , reassuring voice 'hello,little one'. He then ventured out just a little. there was a fence, so no danger of him coming after to follow me. I did try to coax my girl over to say 'hello' but it was evident that she was too afraid. The bigger creature was quiet, but friendly. Not wanting to force my baby, I quietly turned around and walked towards the door where she was sitting, opened it, and in she ran with her tail between her legs. I took her in, gave her a treat, and spoke softly to her. My Honig is such a BIG BABY, but I love her.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I am going to watch 'Homicide' on my computer here in about one hour. Yesterday, I went into Best Buy and bout my first SIMS game.. I will try it out sometime tonight. Damn, I am a gamer!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Where I have been.

About twelve or thirteen years ago, I went with my folks to Honolulu, Hawaii to a football game( It was a Bowl game-KSU v Boston College-KSU lost:( ) An expensive and long trip(from Dallas to Anchorage via Seattle was 8 hours, but the trip was well worth it. I got a chance to see Diamond Head, Go on a submarine ride, and visit Hilo Hatties. I bought several Hawaiian shirts and walked in downtown Honolulu and bought a real pearl. I got to visit Pearl Harbor( the locals just call it Pearl) and my favourite part of the trip was going to visit the SS Arizona Memorial.It was so hard for me to believe that I was standing RIGHT there, where oh so long ago the Japanese attacked us.I was quiet. I think that some 2400 people were killed in that attack( I could be wrong on that number) and I remember looking downward and seeing the oil bubbles come up out of the water from the ship. It is hard for me to believe that there are still people buried there. There are. Thanks Vets.

My writings

I was just looking at other blogs, and this sad reality hit me. I am really not a very good writer. Any pointers that anyone could give me, any criticisms you could send my way, I would galdly appreciate. I see that some folks have upwards of 25 or 30 responses to their blogs, and I only have a few. i wnat to increase my responses.I would like to increase traffic! I did add a few photos, and a few rants here and there. I promise that I will be nice in response! I am really a nice person. I just created the blog to put my thoughts out there. Any suggsestions? Advice? Send it my way via email or the response box:)

Monday, September 26, 2005



Kirk Acevedo is a hottie.. Hey thats the 'look' I like.. I would * him if given any chance(and if he agreed)

My List ( none of these people are on the net)

Here is my list of people who have royally pissed me off in the past(and still are) 1) Osama Bin Ladin- or however you spell his name-for obvious reasons 2) Saddam Hussien- or however the frig you spell it- again, obvious reasons 3) Person #1, for not so obvious reasons, but if you ask them, they would probably know why. On the other hand, this person is so fucking dumb that they may not know why, and I cannot explain to them why because of certain criteria 4) Person #2, one that is smarter than person #1 but is much more cunning and devious.5) the jerk that put a dent in the back of my car, then drove off. Hey jerk, you are supposed to PULL OVER WITH ME and we are supposed to exchange info. You owe me five hundred dollars and you owe my insurance company about thirteen hundred. Pay up. 6) People who think that I.D.s are the same thing as drivers licenses, and try to convince me that they are the same. They are NOT the same, otherwise they would BOTH be called drivers licenses. 7) Richard Kuklinski. He is a FREAK. Don't get me wrong, freaks don't usually bother me( I consider myself to be somewhat of a freak) but this guy is a freak with a capital F. Just look him up at Seriously, this guy could go up against lil sadam or osama any day in a celebrity death match. This guy is the 'Ice Man'. I would not mess with him.

Monday Night

Its Monday night, well actually it is Tuesday morning. I feel the need to post here again, this time I will post two lists. One list is a list of guys who I think are hot, and I would totally * them if I was given a chance in reality(and of course, if they gave consent). Some of them you may have heard of, others maybe not. Ok, here goes(and not necessarily in this order) : Orlando Patoboy, Dennis Rogers( that is one that I have , in fact dated in the past), Kyle Secor, John Seda, Dean Winters, and Brad Pitt. There are others, but as of now I cannot think of their names , as I am trying to think of what to write next on my blog. Oh yes, the second list. I will call it my ENEMY list, or the list of people that I will forever hate. Well, ok God has said that I should not hate folks, but rather hate what they have done. Some of these ahem 'folks' are well known and deserving of my hate, and others are not so well known, yet they are still deserving of my hate. Some folks have ongoing 'issues' with me and others, and therefore, for safety reasons will remain nameless,nor will I state the issue. They will just go by the names 'Person#1, person#2, ect.

Sunday, September 25, 2005


I went to church tonight and the Pastor spoke about taking God's name in vain. He said that it is a sin to take God's name in vain. There are so many sins, that just thinking about it makes my head spin. I have some questions though, such as : Is it a sin to look at nude pictures on the internet? Is it a sin to think about the pictures that I just saw on the internet last night? Is it a sin to dream about those nude pictures ? Is it a sin to want to look at those nude men again tonight? Is it a sin to dream about those pictures again tonight? Is it a sin for an unmarried woman to have lustful thoughts for an unmarried man? Because if it is, I am gonna be in SERIOUS trouble.....


I went to church tonight. Yes, I do go to church every now and then, believe it or not! On my own. Nobody pays me to go. Funny thing is, as a kid , I used to hate going. When visiting my grandparents in Arkansas (suspend the funny toothbrush/redneck jokes for a sec ok? lol) for two weeks one summer, they made me do the most horrible, boring, and worst punishment that could ever be bestowed on a child: SUNDAY SCHOOL. Yes. Thats it. I remember being bored out of my mind. But then I grew up, began to understand the stories in the Bible, and I actually LIKE going to church. I like meeting people. And all four of my grandparents are gone. I sure do miss them terribly. All in all, now that I look back on that summer, my grandparents were pretty cool. I am told that I was a pretty well behaved kid back then, and so were my sibs. Thanks to my grandparents and my parents who taught us right from wrong and how to behave well. Stay honest. Use your brains. Work hard. My parents taught me these things. So did my grandparents. My parents are still alive and well. Computers confuse them. My father hates computers and refuses to use them. My mother is a bit more advanced, but not much more. They are kind of old geezers but I love em both.

Saturday, September 24, 2005


I am getting ready to watch "Homicide' on my computer, with Libby by my side. Life is good.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Not your usual blogger

Hello everybody. Just got home from work a little tired. Not as busy as I had expected today, but busy enough. I am glad that I can come home to a quite house in the evenings. Sometimes I wish that I had a husband, other times I don't. Sometime, someday I might get married, but maybe I won't. I don't sweat it too much, though.Yes, I do miss having a steady boyfriend and I do miss the sex, but hey sometimes that is life, huh? Ok, I will quit whining now lol. There are far more important things going on in the world like what is going on down South . I understand that Hurricane Rita is supposed to hit Texas and Louisiana hard this weekend. I will keep the folks living down there in my thoughts and in my prayers. On that subject, I think that President Bush is doing a good job, considering what has been handed to him. He has taken a lot of hits, especially recently, and I must say this: First of all, Bush is not a great speaker, but Bush is NOT stupid. Secondly, I think that some Liberals try to use Bush as some sort of scapegoat to blame for their personal problems. Thats my opinion.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The days of my t.v. gone by.

Last June 2005, I got rid of my cable and my television. Got rid of cable because I was just not watching it enough to justify spending one hundred dollars a month to have it. My television went on the blink so I got rid of BOTH of them. I have since then joined netflix. com and I have never been happier, especially since I can watch one of my fav shows, OZ(with all those nekkid mens) on dvd with the 'extra scenes' LOL. I am a huge fan of that show, n eedless to say.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I know that this may sound harsh

I know that this may seem rather harsh, but I refuse to donate to Hurricane relief. I figured that our tax dollars are already going to help those people. Our insurance rates(auto and homeowners) are probably going to go up quite a bit because of Hurricane Katrina. Why pay for anything three times over? That is the way I see it.

Posting again

Ok it has been awhile since my last post, so I figured that I better get to work. Speaking of work, tomorrow I have the day off! Dental appointment in the am then run errands afterwards then housecleaning and computer time. Funny thing is, I don't have a computer where I work. Its all pencil and paper there. When I get home, I have my own pc. By the time I get home, I am having computer/internet withdrawal symptoms! Heeheeheehee

Friday, September 16, 2005

Mississippi Girl

I am listening to Yahoo radio and there is this song that I have not heard before called 'Mississippi Girl' and I don't know who sings it, but she has a great voice whoever she is!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

This is Schatzii. She is SPOILED ROTTEN. Nah, she is actually pretty well behaved. This photo was taken back in either June or July of 2005. She looks completely different now. She is a beauty! Black and very very RED. I will post current pics as soon as I get em made.
Baby Libby. She is still so young! Not the youngest in my furclan though. The baby is posted above. They are all HUGE now! Baby Schatzii weighs in at about 60 pounds!

Baby Honig


Well tomorrow is going to be a great day.. wait it IS tomorrow. I have the day off from work. Have not had a day off in about a month. I go to the dr then -the highlight of my day: I get special treatment at a beauty salon! Shampoo, cut, stlye, then eyebrow wax. Hell, I could almost fall asleep while in the chair! I am a wierdo. I also fall alseep in the wierdest place: The dentist's chair. I don't really know why, but it has never bothered me to go to the dentist, and I never understood why some folks are afraid to go.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Ardent protection

Well, tonight I brought a baby home. Not a human baby but a baby just the same!Her name is Honig and she is about 3 years old. She can become somewhat of a couch potato or a bit nervous when I am not around, but otherwise she is very well behaved. A bit frightened of the creatures next door even when we are both in the back yard. I do think that she would protect me if someone broke into my house if both she and I were home. I have been broken into once( while I was home sans Honig) and had a purse stolen a few years back. I did not see anyone do it, but my garage side door was broken and my purse in my car (in my garage) was gone.. anyway police came out, did a crime scene investigation.. you know the routine.. I had to get a new Driver License, and I was out X amount of cash. I cancelled my credit cards right away. I just HATE fucking thieves so damn much. There is a saying (actually I made up this saying) is that the main difference between murderers and thieves is that murderers can be reformed, but thieves remain thieves. People that steal anything for any reason are lowlifes. I have no tolerance for them and their dishonesty.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

REVELATIONS while showering

When I was taking a shower after a long hard busy day at work at about 8pm..I was shampooing my hair when I had a revelation of sorts: I realized that the medium sized bottle of shampoo that I had in my hand was sold to me at my local grocery store for about one dollar and five cents. Yep, thats it. ONE DOLLAR AND FIVE CENTS. A very good price. It dawned on me that all shampoos are basically the same. The bottles that you can buy at the beauty salons that cost$$$ are essentially the same as the ones in the grocery store. Why pay fifteen or twenty bucks for something when you can go and get it at the grocery store for ONE DOLLAR AND FIVE CENTS? Doing any thing else would be insanity. Yes, I shop at the local mom and pop grocery store( NOT at Wallyworld if I can help it) and I have found the mom and pop( they will remain nameless, since if I say their name I could get into some sort of trouble. I dont' know what kind of trouble, but trouble always seems to find me) and they have a great assortment of fruits and vegetables( by the way did you know that the tomato is a fruit and a vegetable?) While pondering this, please rememeber the Ten Commandments of Grocery Shopping: 1) Thou shalt prepare thy list beforeth thy starteth up thy horseless carriage 2) Thou shalt not take thy grocery store's name in vain 3) Thou shalt respecteth thy farmer, for if thy farmer did not existeth, thou would starveth 4) Thou shalt not overloadeth thy cart! Thou will use two carts when necessary5) Thou shalt not whine and complain whilst waiting in line 6) Thou shalt not hold up the line while you go get something you forgot to pick up in the isles -while you are at the head of the line. 6) Thou shalt not bounceth thy grocery check , lest the stock boys come with bats 7) Thous shalt returneth thy cart to thy stall. If this Commandeth is broken, thou shalt spend eternity after death roasting in the fiery pits of Hell forever. 8) Keep thy attitude in checketh 9) Respect thy clerks and keep them HOLY. 10) Greeteth thy customers and employees alike with 'God bless' and glad tidings forever. Amen.