Wednesday, January 28, 2009

On biopsy, Ann Coulter, and taxes

Well hi there I guess that I should write in here since it has been a while. Well these days I am doing alright I guess. Tonight I am figuring up my 2008 taxes. Looks as if though I am going to have to pay both the state of Kansas and the Feds. They must love me, cause I pay em both so much. Taxes, bah humbug. Oh well. Just pay em. I don't pay any more than I absolutely have to. I did get a six hundred dollar rebate check last Summer. I don't think that the rebates were a good idea, but as I have little say in the matter, I did the best I could with it and spent it on my little house. By the way, did you see Ann Coulter on The View? Normally I don't watch The View, but she was on there. That woman I swear so smart and she says things to get Liberals riled up. Works every time. I go in outpatient to have a biopsy done on Friday February 13. Not exactly looking forward to it but has to be done. Later....

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

She is gone

My girl is gone. Rest in peace. Born April 1, 1996. Died January 13, 2009. Gone to the Bridge. She has been with me almost every day for almost 13 years. God I will miss her. I love her.She is one of the dogs in the video below. I will see if I can find a picture of her and post it later.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Well, many updates are beginning to happen on the old homestead. Tomorrow, I am having a plumber come out and help me get some insulating done, so I won't have any more freezes( knock on wood) this winter. Good timing too as it is supposed to get very cold for the next week or two. I also have a man coming out to help me figure out how to program my garage door opener. Cause I couldn't figure it out the other week. It ain't rocket science. ! And tomorrow I am getting some w-2s done for the company so I will get my taxes done and filed after I get my banking info. Speaking of banking, next week, I will hit a new milestone for the new(er) house that I will get(knock on wood) in a few years.

Monday, January 05, 2009


I know that you are not supposed to put water on a grease fire! What I did was very quickly turn off the stove and then put the pan in the sink. I find out after searching the internet that after turning off the stove, you are supposed to get a damp washcloth and cover the skillet, or probably better, cover the skillet with a top.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year a bit belated everyone. In the world. I am doing well, things are going well on the home front, in spite of a mini(teeny weeny ) flare up I caused today. I learned my lesson very well. Never get distracted while trying to cook dinner. I put vegetable oil in the skillet, then turned on the heat to cook the hamburger. Well after doing that I got distracted by the computer(what else LOL) and next thing I know, the skillet is going up in flames on my stove! Well, needless to say I kinda freaked and I somehow managed to get the stove turned off and the pan in the sink and the flames then rather quickly died down, but by this time the whole house was filled with eye watering, choking smoke. I tried to assess the damage but couldn't do that terribly well with my eyes watering andcoughing . I called the fire departyment to ask them how to get rid of all the smoke, and was told to wait outside in the fresh air until they got here. Minutes later they did, and we managed to get the smoke all cleared, then assessed the damages, which were extremely minor. Itis a minor thing, I know, but really embarrassed me and kinda shook me up a bit. I thanked the firemen(and they were all me ) and they were very understanding and polite, and checked out the rest of the house. Everything is a-ok.Nothing is seriously damaged, I even managed to save the skillet that burned. I even took on cooking later on in the evening.