Wednesday, January 28, 2009

On biopsy, Ann Coulter, and taxes

Well hi there I guess that I should write in here since it has been a while. Well these days I am doing alright I guess. Tonight I am figuring up my 2008 taxes. Looks as if though I am going to have to pay both the state of Kansas and the Feds. They must love me, cause I pay em both so much. Taxes, bah humbug. Oh well. Just pay em. I don't pay any more than I absolutely have to. I did get a six hundred dollar rebate check last Summer. I don't think that the rebates were a good idea, but as I have little say in the matter, I did the best I could with it and spent it on my little house. By the way, did you see Ann Coulter on The View? Normally I don't watch The View, but she was on there. That woman I swear so smart and she says things to get Liberals riled up. Works every time. I go in outpatient to have a biopsy done on Friday February 13. Not exactly looking forward to it but has to be done. Later....

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