Thursday, May 24, 2007

Flim Flam people

I fell asleep last night about midnight. I am a fairly heavy sleeper.Well, I wake up at about 5 am to void, and as I am coming back to my bed the tv is still on. Well, what do you know is playing? One of those crazy as hell informercials. Not just a regular one trying to hawk some worthless kitchen crap, but this one is a tv preacher. He was trying to sell some sort of mineral water that is supposed to bring one health and wealth. Then he was trying to sell some sort of hanky. ( This gave me visions of Mr Hanky the Christmas poo dancing around in my head which made me laugh out loud and scare my dog) I laugh and think: why would anyone fall for this crap? I have subsequently found out that this preacher was brought up on charges of fraud and has filed bankruptcy. Why is this idiot still on tv? He and his wife sit there on tv with these asinine looks on their faces and the backdrop is so obviously phony. Who in their right minds would send this guy money? He and his wife are con artists. He claims to be a faith healer. If he really believed tat he could heal people, then why not have a tv show on primetime? Then again, check out his name: Peter Popoff.

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