Friday, March 17, 2006

Back on track

Hello. My blog is up and working! Yes! Great because I have a lot to say tonight. Today at work, my father handed me some old letters and a keepsake that I made for my grandparents back in 1981. Memories came back to me in little bits and pieces. There is this porcelain Bible that I painted with an inscription on it that I made in Sunday school class in Arkansas. There are some letters save that an eleven year old me sent to my grandparents, written in my eleven year old hand writing in large pencil letters. Somewhat awkward writing, but now that I look back on it, it was pretty good. All of my grandparents are now dead. I miss them very much. Along with those letters and the trinket were some of my old report cards and grade reports from grade school, Jr High , and high school. Looking back, over all, I was not a bad student( B average) . There were progress reports going back as far as 1977. Wow. Time does fly. I was a pretty good student, but a social butterfly I was not. I was VERY painfully shy and awkward and I did not have many friends. Very self conscious back then. I was a day dreamer. Then there were letters that I sent to my family when I was in the hospital for a year and 3 months. Grade school was good. Middle school and Jr High were absolute hell. High School and college were a vast improvement from Middle and Jr High. I graduated from High School in 1987, and then went to Washburn University for a while, then transferred to Kansas State University for a year. That was back in 1991 or 92 I believe. I did not graduate from college, wich is ok by me. I am happy just where I am right now:)

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