Sunday, March 19, 2006

Not the greatest write

I have checked out some other blogs on the web, and I notice that a lot of the bloggers are much better writers than I am. Some are funny as hell, too. I am trying to learn how to be a better writer, perhaps I could take some lessons from somebody. I have added this blog address to my aim screenname( so maybe I will get some more feedback now. Hugh, if you are reading this, just wish to let you know that I appreciate your comments and even criticism if you have it. It rained on this beautiful Sunday morning, and life is good. I went to church this evening, and I did not get any traffic tickets this time(ha). I have a court date set for the first part of April for the diversion. Not much fun, but I want to keep a clean record. I have not had cable television in quite some time. I do have a television, but I never watch it. I have taken to watching dvds of my favourite old television shows on my computer. Shows like Chico and the man, Three's Company, that sort of thing. When I had cable, I really only watched two channels, HBO and Courttv. Maybe I would watch The History Channel. I could not understand today's tv shows anyway. I never watched that show American Idol, because it just never held any interest for me. I once tried about 15 minutes of Desperate Housewives, and I got bored. Never again. And I never cared too much for Oprah. What can I say, except that I work. I don't really care too much for today's music, either. LOL, maybe I am just getting old.

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Celestino. said...

Age is just a number...and doesn't really reflect intelligence nor wisdom.