Thursday, March 23, 2006

Cable television

I finally broke down and ordered cable tv today. Yes, I am weak. Could not go for even a year with out cable. But in my defense, last time I had it, I just HAD to go with all of the premium channels, so my cable television bill was something like 80-90 bucks a month. It was just too high, so I just withdrew from it completely. Now, after tonight, I have to fix my remote and figure out how to put the thing together after I get my cable box. The bill is only going to be about 40 bucks a month. I won't get the premium channels like HBO, but that is ok because I do not want them anymore anyway. I will get the History channel, Courttv, and the crime dramas I like. I hope that I can get all of the cables together. I am just not very mechanically inclined, and sometimes I get confused as hell on directions. Wish me luck.

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