Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I have returned

Ok, From now on, I am going to add to this blog every day. More like every evening. Yes, I know that mine is probably more boring than most, but this is my life right now. Boring, but uncomplicated. I was supposed to meet Dennis tonight for a little romp, but we never did set a time and frankly I am a little too tired right now. Dennis is a nice guy, but just not the marrying type. I rarely ever see him any more. He is on the road a lot, though he lives close by. Honestly, I think that I should just move on. I am thinking of joining some singles clubs at a local church. I like church activities, and it gets me away from the computer. I love my work, and my time alone, but it is nice to get out and meet with people occassionally. Oh yes, I want to say a big HELLO to Hugh. Thanks for leaving the nice, uplifting messages. I really like them. You seem like a very kind hearted person. Thank you.

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HeatherA40 said...

Ok for some reason, this blog is not letting me add to it. I promise that as soon as I work the kinks out, I will add more!