Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thanks, Glenn Beck! This is sweet, so I just had to add it here

Focusing on Our Kids

It has been a tough week and its only Wednesday. And yes, while all
weeks seem pretty tough these days, this one has seen kids suffering the
most. Thankfully that predator Mark Foley is finally out of
commission, but we didnt catch another dangerous nut soon enough before his
senseless attack on an Amish schoolhouse left us all devastated, none more
so than those little girls' parents. Of course, I have lots of thoughts
on these two stories and youve been hearing them on the radio and TV
shows, so Id like to make a different point here. If youre lucky enough
to have children of your own, you know what a profound blessing that
is. If you dont have kids, I pray you still have your parents with you
and know how fortunate they feel to have you in their lives. To have or
be a happy and healthy child is something to celebrate and never take
for granted. I hope youll join me in taking that to heart.

Were all busylife is complicated and time is the one thing there never
seems to be enough of. But when you really think about it, what could
be more worth making time for than our children? I love my kids more
than words could ever say, and one of the ways I especially feel that is
when I read to my son Raphe. Hes 2 years old and while he especially
loves Green Eggs and Ham, I think hed be just as happy if I read to him
from the phone book. Its not what I read to him, but that I read to
him. Its time we spend together, just us. I draw strength for my day
from those nighttime moments that we share. Even though my life and
schedule are more hectic now than theyve ever been, I know I must never
forget whats really importantwhats essential for me as a dad and him as my

We should remind ourselves not just how much we love our kids, but how
much we really like them. And if you dont have kids of your own, call
your folks and tell them what they mean to youwhat its meant to you to
have been their child. Try to keep that feeling with you all the time.
Im going to, and Im sure itll make the tough weeks just a little

See you tonight, Raphe. Sam I am


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