Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Debate and forums

hey looks like I need to update here! Well I have been sorta busy. Now I am waiting for my car to be thoroughly fixed(That will be sometime next week) Have the dent fixed and then have a new blower fan installed. Tell me about it. The automoblie fix it industry is very lucrative here in Kansas. Thankfully, most of the mechanics are honest, decent people. On to the Debate and forums. I post quite a bit on the AOL abortion boards. The abortion boards are sort of on the wain , or at least have been for the past month or so. When the trolls get to be too much(happens on occassion) I have to take a break for a while. My iggy box gets a good work out. I won't name names. The trolls know who they are. I am currently posting on other boards that seem to have less trolls and more debate and friendly banter. In fact currently I am in a pretty good debate on the GB forum and the subject is pornography. You have to be a member of the Glenn Beck Insider program to contribute, (i.e. monthly fees attached) so that eliminates the trolls. Glenn Beck has a radio program which is funny as hell. He has a tv show on Headline News, it is good but the radio program is much better. He is a recovering addict, former disc jockey, former Liberal, is now a Mormon, now a Libertarian.. well you get the idea. You really have to watch and listen to him to understand. Well, now I am off to the auto shop. I get my car back ina few days, then it goes back into the shop again::sigh::

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