Saturday, October 14, 2006

I hate stupid people

Sometimes, I just hate people. Rather, I hate stupid people. I hate stupid people ESPECIALLY when it comes to animals. I have 2 examples: The first example is the lovely couple that gets a dog. Ok, so far so good. they take care of the dog. Dog becomes attached to couple. A few years later, said couple has a child. Dog gets jealous of child and nips at child. Then stupid couple take dog to the pound because they are afraid dog will hurt kid. Does this idiot couple really bother to work with child and dog? NO. Furthermore, why does stupid couple get the dog first before having the kid? Why can't they get their lives in better shape before having kids? Ok, second scenario: Unmarried college age couple move into apartment together. They work part time. They are college students and really have no money. A friend offers them two puppies. Do they accept? OF COURSE!. They will readily accept with out a brain in their heads. After all, they are just cute little puppies, and what brainless, broke, apartment dwelling, college duo could resist? Of course the best place for these cute little pups to stay is in the bathroom! Why not? The last place that a landlord will look is in the bathroom. Thankfully the bathroom floor is tiled, otherwise the cute widdle pups will have already started in on their fun with destroying things.And , this idiot duo surmises, pups DO grow, but these labs will not get THAT big. And they can be taught not to bark. Besides, we won't get caught. We won't get evicted and thrown back on the streets only to go crawling back to our parents to live with them again.. and nawwwwww the pups won't end up in the pound.. our lives together.. we will eventually get married and we wont be broke and we will eventually have kids togther... like I said sometimes I HATE PEOPLE.

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