Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Signs.. and prolife child exploitation???

As I was driving home my regular route on the avenue this evening, I noticed a sign that had a picture of the cutest little baby girl on it. The backdrop was pink. The little girl was smiling with a frock of dark brown hair on her head. She had the cutest little pumpkin face that I have ever seen. Then I read what the sign says: 'God made me. My parents adopted me.' Then there was a phone number for some right to life agency and an adoption agency. While I have issues with the right to life arguments, I have no issues with adoption. Then I think further: Clearly these two groups are exploiting this child, exploiting her 'cuteness' to garner the 'oohhs and ahhhs' of people, using this child to get their point across. Has anyone else thought of this when you see those cutesy so called 'prolife'pics? Your thoughts, please.

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xwoman74 said...

If the right to life agency really wanted to get adoption across, why not use a minority or disabled child?