Saturday, October 28, 2006

Back to posting

Well, I am sorry that I have been kinda lax in posting here and this time, I have no excuse: I only worked about 42 hours this week. I usually work more. I was sick on Friday(yuck)which was yesterday, and that costs me money. YUCK. I am still posting on the Glenn Beck forums (as SunflowerKs40) and I post on the AOL boards as RedstateKansan39. I enjoy em both, but the AOL boards are the wildest , and IMHO, the funnier of the two. I post from the ProChoice position. I enjoy debates, I can be very stubborn and argumentative sometimes. Not always a bad thing. Maybe I was a lawyer in a former life? Ha ha ha.I will post some more news articles, I like the ones that I get from my hometown newspaper, esp the strange news. Church tomorrow at 9 am!

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