Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Foley is a sick asshole for doing what he did to that Page. I hope that he goes to prison for a long time. I guess now he is in seclusion somewhere getting 'treatment' for alcoholism. Bullshit. Let him go to prison, where he will find a 'husband', to take care of him.I saw the picture of him along with John Walsh of America's Most Wanted. I kinda feel sorry for Walsh, now that his image is probably tarnished by being seen with asshole Foley.To think, Foley was a huge backer of some sort of legislation to stop cp. I hate him. I know that it is really not constructive to hate, but this guy has violated the trust of so many that he deserves to be hated. Everyone is right. He is an asshole douchebag pig.

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