Sunday, April 06, 2008

Update ..

Today is April 6, 2008. I am feeling and doing much better. My family has really come full circle in helping me get my house in great shape! The bedrooms( I have 2) are in the middle of a wondrous makeover, as is my kitchen and family room. I owe a serious debt of gratitude to my family, especially my cousin Joni. She has been a GODSEND. I mean she has worked the hardest. I have also been working hard, doing some cleaning when I come home from work at night. I will post some pics when all is done. There is still work to be done.Tomorrow, I (ok we) get started on my guest bedroom.I promise here and now to keep my cute little house clean! I promise to post pictures when we are done. May take a while, and I have spent a little money, but it is definitely worth it. My mother and Joni are great decorators, which is great. I am not so hot in the decorating department but I am going to do great with the cleaning.

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