Wednesday, April 16, 2008


No doghouses to be found anywhere at Lowe's that will work for my girl:(. But on a better, brighter note, I am getting a doghouse free from work! yay! and I know that it is perfect for her. Will need help from the guys as to getting it into my back ayrd. Well, enough about dogs and doghouses..Seems that my sister might have a tumor on her pituitary gland. Until a few days ago, I did not even know that tumors could grow on that gland. ! Well she had an MRI just a while ago, and blood tests a few days ago. Have not found out the results yet. I will call her in a few days and find out what is going on. Till then, I just won't worry about it. Does no good to . No sense in driving yourself crazy with worry about something you have no control over.Beddy bye time for me now. Good night world.

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