Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Getting there!

Today, as was yesterday, I was exhausted all day. Work work work, which I love, but when you add my weight, I get tired out easy. My house is getting done. Yay! I am going with an old time New Orleans French country theme, and I am going to even have Laissez le bon roulement de périodes !
stenciled, or placed in my kitchen above my cupboards. The Family room is now painted a pearl green, which is one of my favourite colors. Every thing is dusted, cleaned, replaced , or new( I , thankfully have few new things added) I have a beautiful and very inexpensive couch put in. Tomorrow, I am having a technician come in and look at my windows that I am sad to say have not been cleaned in about twelve years. I am having a cleaning woman come out to my place twice a month to clean. Beyond that, I will keep it clean. It is such a cute home. The master bedroom is going to be painted in a pearl blue. I have new bedsheets, linens, and the guestbedroom is being repainted in a beautiful pearl yellow. Heidi is getting a dog house and she is going to stay out side, unless the weather gets bad. Much moving things and cleaning and work has been done, and most of it has not been done by me. I will forever owe a debt of gratitude to my family for helping me. My mother and my cousin did most of the work. In spite of the pet stains, the hardwood floors are turning out beautiful. To have them sanded down and some boards replaced plus having my kitchen floor laminated(Ok I only have one estimate thus far) will cost me approximately 2 grand. The money does not concern me all that much because I have much saved up, and I still am saving. Oh yes, and I am also installing a toddler gate for my Heidi, so she cannot escape into any of the other rooms(she will be allowed to come into the kitchen and the laundry room)Oh yes, did I say that sometime in the future, I am getting a flat screen television? Happy! Well, the floor comes first! As they say in New Orleans:Laissez le bon roulement de périodes !

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