Thursday, April 26, 2007

Still running on PISSED

I am still running on pissed from the last post I made here. I am sick and tired of the constant bitching by others on the AOL message boards about President Bush. I mean, I am not a huge fan of the guy either, but seems that some people want to blame Bush for every damn societal problem this country has. I just wanna reach through my computer and slap the ever lovin shit outta them and tell them,'hey if you are that miserable here in this country THEN YOU ARE FREE TO LEAVE IT'!I have told them that a few times, but they still whine and bitch, so I have to put them on ignore. My iggy bin is full of these whiny , bitchy morons. I am watching 'Mind of Mencia' right now. That guy is hilarious.


Anonymous said...

Yanno Heather,

If you dont like the fact that we have the freedom and the right to voice dissatisfaction with our commander and chief and government then maybe YOU should move.

HeatherA40 said...

I did not say that I did not like it when people expressed their opinions and voice dissatisfaction with the Commander in Chief and government. It is when people CONSTANTLY complain that kinda irritates me..