Sunday, April 22, 2007

Fed up

I am fed up. Fed up with BOTH major political parties. I am sick of both of the parties giving boxed, pat, stock answers to serious political questions. For instance, when the Democrats are asked what should be done about our troops in the Middle East, they usually say something along the lines of ' bring our troops home'.Well, ok, EVERYONE wants that! But it DOES NOT ANSWER THE QUESTION! What would you do to solve the problems in the Middle East? I have yet to get an answer from them. I am a registered Republican, but I am almost as fed up with them as I am with the Democrats. Republicans 'stock' response: 'stay the course'! Ugh. I feel like banging my head against the wall.Stay the course ? Ok fine. But just remember that eventually, it may take years and years and years, but we might have to 'pull out'(ugh-another stock word). I say to the people who say 'stay the course': Then after we do that, then WHAT? They usually have no answer.Don't get me wrong, I love voting and I love being an American and I support the troops, but sometimes I feel like the major political parties are something like my folks, and each side is pulling me like taffy to their side because 'they know what is best for me'. I feel that sometimes the troops are in the same position I am. I know that when they get orders, they HAVE to obey them. Completely understand. Sometimes I get sick and tired of all of the political bickering. The Democrats (it seems to me anyway) try to blame Bush for all of society's problems, call him a hate monger, stupid, etc. I am just sick of that.It is just NOT true. And I am sick of the Republicans preaching at us about 'responsibility' especially when some of them do not practice what they preach. Ok, my rant is nearly over. LOL. Bottom line is, I guess that there are jerks on all sides .

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