Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Hello again

Something that I have been dreading, something that has been in the back of my mind lately which is this: I have a doctor's appointment coming up , and that is going to be a physical. Yuck, I can tell that the doctor is going to chew me out for being oevr weight. I just know it. I also have type two diabetes. I control it with meds and I stay fairly active, working alot lately(this week I will have worked about 60 hours) . The appoint ment is a week from Friday. It will probably include a pap smear , a pelvic exam, and bloodwork, at least. I will be glad to get it over and done with. On the bright side, my personal war against poverty, I am finally winning. I am nearly out of debt. By the end of this Spring, I will have all of my credit cards paid off. I already have some decent funds in the bank. By the end of this Summer, I will have my car paid off, therefore, I will be COMPLETELY debt free! I have been so intense about paying off all of my debt, and I see a light at the end of the tunnel. My debt was not as big as most peoples, but it will be nice to be completely debt free and not even 39 years old yet! I will certainly be a rarity . .. now if I could just find a man. On that thought, on attracting the opposite sex, I don't really have any problem in that area. I have not had any trouble getting dates. I would like to get married someday.

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