Thursday, June 01, 2006

Keeping it short

Keeping the post short tonight, because I am rather sleepy. The show on courttv tonight was great. Evidentally, there was some guy who was calling up McDonald's restaraunts all over the country and telling its managers that some employees were stealing anbd using illegal drugs in their stores. The caller claimed to be a cop, and the manager was told to disrobe the accused employee, and gave the manager all sorts of strange and bizarre demands ( like have the employee do jumping jacks) even had the manager bring in the employee's fiance while the manager went about her business of running the store. Turns out the caller was not a cop at all. The poor employee was humiliated beyond bear, and they did not say what happened to the caller. Then The shows goes on to talk about the Prisoner expiriments in the 1970s, and then about Abu Ghraib(sp?) . Will tell more tomorrow night, I must sleep now.

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