Friday, June 09, 2006

Real Estate

I was just looking at some houses up for sale out in California and the rest of the west coast, and then on The east coast and New York. Millions! How can anyone even afford to live in those places! There were a few places that I read that one could rent out for ten grand a night. Who can afford that? Then I checked out some houses that were 'middle class ' in the midwest, and those were expensive too! I don't think that I will ever move from where I live. The other houses are too expensive. Besides I like this one, and it is paid off. I love where I live, and wouldn't want to live anywhere else. On the note of real estate, I have heard that rent prices are outrageous on the coasts, and down south. Too high , somewhere around a thousand dollars a month for a little cramped one or two bedroom apartment. ! Hey, if anyone reading this has any experience in the real estate field, or experience buying selling renting an apartment or home, email or im me. Lets chat.

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