Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Countdown to doomsday.

Doomsday is coming. It is July 1st 2006. Remember the 18 year old kid that I was telling you about? The one I work with? Well, he has not changed his mind. No, I have not said anything to him, and I won't. But this guy is headed for a brick wall and he is going 65 miles an hour. So is his girlfriend. I predict that they are going to hate each other by this time next year. Yes, it is called HK- HARD KNOCKS, and I am afraid that they are going to learn things the hard way. They will end up getting on each others nerves, to say the least. This kid, and the other kid that is his girlfriend, must be so bullish. But then again, isn't every one at that age?They are going to argue. Starting with 'The Move". I have moved before. I hate it. I refuse to do it EVER AGAIN.

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