Sunday, April 16, 2006

My girl, Dommie.

I will always love you , My Girl. Physically, you are old and weak. Mentally you are strong and smart as a whip. I love you. I cannot say that enough. Tomorrow, I make that phone call. That dreaded, wish-that-I-could-put-it-off phone call to the vet. You are not in pain, I can see, and you tell me with your eyes that you are not. This is a painful decision that my family and I have come to this decision. Your tail no longer wags. Your back legs no longer work. Your hips are gone. I know that when you are gone, you will go to the Rainbow Bridge. I have been to that site, and it always brings me to tears. The other day, I found a picture of you when you were 2 months old. You were so cute. Now, even though you are gray, you are beautiful. That picture was taken 14 years ago. I will miss you. I love you very much. Rest in peace, old Girl. You have lived a wonderful, great life.

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hugh said...

I am sorry about your friend. You have my sympathies.