Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Well court came today and went well, without a hitch. I got there a few minutes early where I had to take a number. I hate the sit and wait game, especially at public buildings. There were about a hundred people in front of me. When my turn finally came up, I went to an attorney , told him that I was not contesting the ticket but wanted a diversion. He told me that I could do something similar to a diversion, get my moving violation which I did. I then got in line to face the judge. To my suprise, the judge was , well..... NICE. I told her the same thing I told the attorney and she said that she understood and she gave me a form to take to the cashier's office upstairs. It will not go on your record, she said and the insurance company will not find out about it. I went upstairs. More waiting. I paid with my check card, got a reciept and learned an important lesson: Not only does speed sometimes kill, sometimes speed is expensive. Court costs: One hundred forty two dollars, n ot including the time that I took off of work, and the change I put in the meter. I figure that I have probably spent about two hundred dollars to take care of this little mess. I have learned my lesson.

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