Thursday, April 20, 2006

For Hugh and Chris and Canines and Snakes

Thanks for your kind words. I will miss her forever. I am not sad anymore, I have some great memories of My Girl playing in the water, and killing shoes as a puppy. I have a few great pictures of her as a GRANDE DAME taken a few months ago. I imagine her now, being the Queen Alpha female at the Rainbow Bridge now.On that note, I have a new little friend. I have a mouse in my house! Yes.. I do try to keep the place clean.The little critter is so darned cute, I just dont have the heart to kill him. Yes, I know that mouse poop is bad, and I don't have a problem with that. I think that I will name him. I THINK it is a him. Since I do not know if the cutie pie is a male or female, I think I will name it Chris. Chris is VERY smart. Mice, in general , are very intelligent creatures. )~ p.s. I just had a strange thought: Where the mice go, the snakes also go. Not that snakes bother me. They don't. But : Snakes+my canines=trouble. Oops.::thinking thinking thinking::


hugh said...

My brother and his wife had a dog, Bosco, for over ten years. He was a poor watch dog. In fact I don't think he realized he was a dog. He was the third member of the family, (no kids). When out for a walk, territorial dogs would begin barking at Bosco as we passed their yards. Bosco would just look up at me and seem to ask... "What's his problem?" He loved strangers and I believe he would show a burlar around the house if one broke in. Not the he was stupid, he was very smart. We played hide the blanket. We not only hid it, so did Bosco, when it was his turn. He hid it in a room and then would go to another as if to lead us off the trail.
I miss him.

hugh said...

Bosco was a Golden Retreiver, Lab mix. RIP, kind creature.

HeatherA40 said...

Hugh... I adore you:)