Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Hello. I am going to tell you about the dream I had this morning. I say this morning because I woke, then went back to sleep. I dreamt that I went to some sort of hotel that had a nice, large indoor swimming pool. I swam alone. Then when I got out of the pool, I went to a locker room, got dressed, then I discovered that the locker room was attached to what appeared to be an airport. I thought this was pretty cool, and I look out the windows and see planes landing and taking off. Then I walk down a hallway where I come to a room that has a ride in it and this ride consists of the main body of an airplane, the part where the passengers ride, where you can get in and pretend like you are taking off and landing. Like one of the virtual reality machines for those poor folks who can't afford to go anywhere.So I get in, and at the end of the ride, I get out, and I am transported to some place along the beach.I see hippies EVERYWHERE. They are taking MASSIVE amounts of drugs.I see couples everywhere, having sex on the beach and they appear to just be tripping out on acid everywhere. The colors are so bright and clear and vivid. The hippies are friendly, asking me if I want some 'acid' with a great big smile on her face. I back away, in fear, and say 'no thanks. I have never tried the stuff, and I have no interest in doing it now'.Then she laughs aloud. My heart is pounding, thinking that she must be on some really bad acid trip.I run up the beach, their voices behind me getting louder. I turn back, but they are not following me. I find a road, and then run back to the hotel with the pool

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