Sunday, January 07, 2007


My computer is giving me fits. Rather, I think it may be something I am doing. I am frustrated. I have to exit windows at least two or three times a night. Really is starting to piss me off. My dsl is supposed to be lightning fast, it is, but some things are still ssssslllllooooowww to load. I do a windows clean up hich seems to help a little bit, but somehow, if I leave my computer on all day, and when I get home from work, I have been kicked off line. My Tower is from Emachines, my DSL is from Yahoo(as well as my internet service) and my monitor is a Gateway. I have had the same monitor for seven years. I have had the Emachines tower for about two years. Get this: My old tower fizzles out. I take my old Gateway tower in to Best Buy to see if they can fix it. They can't so I buy a new Emachines tower from Best Buy. Ok so far no problems, right?. I have no problems with Best Buy. The people that helped me out were super. Ok here is the strange part: I get home, hook up the tower, everything works ok. I get this thing called a REBATE. This is where it gets hairy. I fill out the appropriate info, and I wait about a month to get the thirty dollars that the factory said they would send me. Nothing happens, so I call and then they tell me that the product I bought must have already been purchased by someone else because the rebate number on my certificate was already used,a nd they cannot issue rebates in those cases. I told them the item was new when I bought it and even sent them the info. Waited another month, I called again and was told that I was not getting the thirty dollars I was promised. Nothing on the reciept I had said anything about not getting the thirty dollars. It just said send proof of purchase, the copy of the reciept and they would send the thirty dollars. They look for any excuse to NOT send the rebates.

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