Monday, January 29, 2007

Ok, I am posting again dreams 2

Ok, I have returned. It has been a while since my last post. I have not heard anything from Dennis, and if I don't hear from him again. He is still on my buddy list, though I am not sure why. I still go to the movies with Jeff on occasion. I like him, but he is a little wierd. He gets into health foods. I am so happy.! I finally FINALLY got the w-2s done today and gave them to the employees. The rest I will mail out tomorrow. I got a LOT done tonight. Unloaded then loaded the dishwasher, carried out the trash,ran a few loads of laundry, fed the dog, and filed my income taxes. Now the only thing that I have to conquer is not eating dinner tonight. My sugars were too high this afternoon, and they are dropping. I can feel it. Getting a little shaky feeling, but I am determined to control my diabetes. I am watching Discovery channel right now while typing this. I am going to have some juice if I get too shaky. But no dinner tonight. I promised my father that I would not eat dinner tonight, and I am determined to keep that promise.

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