Friday, January 05, 2007

Booo rah!

I am bback! I was posting on the internet news message boards on the first of the year, now I am taking break for a few weeks from it. Loving life soo much. I went shopping the other night and spent about 300 dollars of my Christmas money. I have more to spend. Money is fucking good.I have spent every waking day, sans one , with my girl Heidi. She is eleven years old. Man, do I love her. Raised her since she was just an 8 week old pup.Today, as I post this, afterwards I am going to get the sqaulling baby of the group, Schatzii.She is growing up very nice and sweetly. I will get more pics up as soon as I can figure out the this new confangled camera works. Bye for now:)

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