Friday, August 25, 2006

Well, the weekend is here

Well, its Friday night as I am posting this, and I work tomorrow, so I am not heading out anywhere tonight. NOT staying up or out late. MUST MUST MUST be at work by 8am tomorrow. So I will turn in a bit early. Gone are the days that I could stay up til 2 am. Sometimes I am so GLAD that I do not have to get up in the middle of the night to feed a baby or take care of any kids! Sometimes I wish that I had a hubby though. SOMETIMES. Honestly I don't think that there is a guy out there that would put up with me for very long. For instance, I am a bit of a slob. I work about 50 plus hours a week, and sometimes when I get home.. housework.. huh.. draaags on. However, time on the computer is time well spent. Time flies by. Back in 1998, if you would have asked me if I would even try to turn on a personal computer, I would have informed you that you were insane. Look at me now. I am a complete computer nut. I love computers. Nix that. I love MY computer. No, not in THAT way! Though Dennis and I have emailed and Imed a few times and let me tell you, Uh ok I better not go there. I have not heard from the guy in a while, and I figure that he is kinda busy like me, so I just kinda take him with a grain of salt. I think that after church tomorrow, I will call Jeff and see if he wants to go to a movie. I think that I owe him one. Last time he called, last month, I never returned his call. I do not know why I do those things sometimes. I think it was kinda rude of me not to return his call. I definitely owe Jeff an apology for sorta blowing him off.

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accidentally-in-love said...

hey there
was blog hopping and i came across urs..:)
wow...working 50 hours a wk??
how can u manage??
i for one will not wana work dat long...ofcourse im still a student just yet but i will make sure i dun work dat long...
you shld get out.. apply 4 a well deserved leave.. seroiusly..:)