Sunday, August 13, 2006


Remember a few posts back about the kid that I work with? The eighteen year old? Well he indeed seems to be getting along fine in his new apartment living with his girlfriend. I don't think I agree with the living situation, but I keep my mouth shut and my nose out of it.I know that he does not have a whole lot of money. Heck, who does at eighteen years of age, anyway? I think that he does get his bills paid. His girlfriend works, too. They will both be college students this fall, and still go to work after classes. Won't leave much time for play. I think playtime, or 'downtime' is important to have. I digress. I think I see a trainwreck coming for this kid, but seeing as he is of legal age, there is nada that I can do to stop him. The trainwreck: He recieved a credit card application in the mail specifically for college students, filled it out, and mailed it. Since this kid is not the greatest at handling personal finances, I would call his filling out the credit application a trainwreck waiting to happen. But who knows? maybe the credit card company will for once wise up and NOT GIVE HIM A CREDIT CARD. I mean, I have nothing agains credit cards. I have one myself. I keep just one, and I use it responsibly.But again, I digress. This kid is EIGHTEEN. He knows NOTHING about life. I sincerely hope that he does not obtain a card. I hope that if he and his girlfriend are physical, that they are using birth control. And I say NOTHING to them about anything. It is hard for me to bite my tounge. I keep telling myself IT IS NONE OF MY BUSINESS.

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