Sunday, July 30, 2006

Republican, Democrat, and Independent

The main reason that I vote Republican is this: I am a business owner, and the Republicans that I have studied and voted for were strong in their support of the businessperson. I have voted for only a handful of Democrats in my lifetime. I own and put money into Roth Iras that are tax free when I retire . I am concerned over the inheritance tax and death tax. Democrats have said that companies(usually the bigger companies) need to pay their 'fair share' of taxes. Define 'fair'. I can assure you that companies pay more than their 'fair share' in taxes. My company pays an unGodly amount in taxes. Now having said all of this, I do not agree with everything that the Republicans have done.To this day, I am still not sure that it was a good idea to do what we are doing in the Middle East, but I will support the troops just the same. I don't always disagree with the Democrats, either. I support a womans right to choose abortion. It is a private medical issue and the government needs to stay out of it.

My voice is God's will, not mine~Elvis Presley

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