Sunday, July 23, 2006


I used to think that I might enjoy being famous. I thought that when I was a kid. There was one time when I was little that I wanted to become an actress. Now, you could not pay me enough to be famous. I think that at first it would be kind of cool, but after the novelty wore off, it would really suck. Working long hours being away from family for a long time, not to mention the loss of privacy, plus the paparazzi can be fairly nasty, from what I understand.I don't think that being famous is as great or as glamourous as some people make it out to be. Just knowing that one minute a crowd adores you, and the next minute they hate you. Yes, I suppose the money would be nice, and maybe the recognition would be nice(Like Academy Awards) but other than that, I would not care for it. Then there are people who are always going to try and stir the pot, so to speak. They write hateful things about you, and try to put words in your mouth that you did not say and say that you did things you didnt do. Just look at trashy mags like the National Equirer. Then there are the stalkers. Creeps. Lets just say that now since I have grown up, I would rather stay anonymous:)

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