Monday, February 13, 2006


Ken Berry
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Comments: Sharon appeared with me and Forrest Tucker and Larry Storch on our old show... F Troop. What a trooper Sharon was. In one scene of the show Sharon had to ride the same horse with Forrest. Of course she rode behind Forrest and he would pass gas all the time because he only ate beans and beef jerky. He said it was to stay in charactor of a ninetenth century soldier. Because of technical problems the scene needed to be reshot five or six times. When things were finaly "in the can", Sharon got off the horse, raised its tail and put her nose up to the horses, patute. She said she needed some fresh air after riding behind Forrest all afternoon. Now this really broke up the crew, who were tired and frustrated by all the delays. Mr. Roman Polanski, who was directing this episode, thought it would be funny if he did the same thing. After a step ladder was found, Roman put his face up to the horses' ass and promptly received a faceful of horse s---. After wiping his face, the soon to be famous director said... "Zees iz not unlike Fa-rench cooking."
Thanks for letting me share, Ken.


Hugh H said...

What a Putz, that Polanski...

Hi, Heather.

HeatherA40 said...

Normally I would ignore the trolls that post there, but this one was just too funny!