Sunday, January 08, 2006

My dreams are VIVID

My dreams are vivid and sometimes even violent. No suprise that they happen after I see an ultraviolent movie. I saw a movie last night called 'Hostel'. I wont give anything away about it except that it is ultraviolent and was produced by Tarantino. Then I come home, check my email, cruise my boards, then go to sleep. I have a very vivid dream about work. I dreamt that I was working at about 1 in the morning on some papers or something with a nameless faceless friend and my brother. We shut down and then leave for the night. The next day, there is a great big lion in my backyard. I am concerned because my little housecat is out side, but all I can do is sit and watch as he is helplessly in the trees. The lion is circling the base of the tree, obviously wanting to make a meal out of my kitty. My kitty climbs higher and tries to jump to another tree and is almost successful until a raccoon appears out of nowhere and bites her on the neck, which sends her plummmeting to the ground, and into lions path. I was horrified, yet I could not take my eyes off of what happened. Then I woke up. I was just glad that it was just a dream!

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