Sunday, January 15, 2006

Furbaby Personalities

The oldest-(Female) Dommie( German for Lady) Personality trait: THE BOSS. The Second oldest-(female) Heidi personality trait: BRAIN. The one I picked. Originally mine as as home protection, but for undisclosed reasons must attend to the family business. Third oldest: (male ) Donner(German for THUNDER) The Muscle. The enforcer. The everything. Will enforce the rules if others break the rules. Tends to be a 'mama's boy'. Fourth oldest: (female) Zucker(German for sugar) : The athlete. Can counter surf faster and dig farther than anybody's three year old, and has no qualms about it.Fifth oldest: (Female) Honig: ( German for Honey): Excellent worker. Tends to be very shy in social situations. Sometimes a bit too submissive, though this can be a trick. Is a very effective worker. Also could be a beauty pageant winner. Sixth oldest: (female) Liebchen( German for 'loved one') Personality trait: Not nicknamed Libby for no reason. Liberty. World traveler. Must see what is out there. Will break through a cracked door . Has the strength of one twice her size. The camera loves her. The seventh oldest: (female) Schatzi(German for treasure): The Baby. Is becoming and learning to be a great worker and efficiently vociferous. Tends to whine and pester the elders. Is known to redecorate if not watched constantly.This is all 7! The youngest is less than a year old, so she is still in the baby stage.

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