Monday, August 13, 2007

Two, too many things to do

Payroll was a breeze. Ah, it always is. I love it. I love doing bookwork. Something I love doing, absolutely. I have the baby with me. Zornfaust. He is a darling. Noisy, too. I had to take him to work with me, then I get home about 6 pm, and I have to leave him ::sniff sniff cry cry cry:: alone inside in luxury in the ac while I go out shopping for a new purse( because he chewed up that last one) and I have to buy some groceries. I hate shopping. I mean I REALLY really hate it. It is a chore to me. And when it comes to food items, I am the worlds worst at it. I dont make lists. I have a mental list. And I dont clip coupons. I tend to just throw things in the cart. I shop when I am hungry. I HAD to go shopping tonight because I put it off last night and I am down to one can of beef soup and 3 cans of sardines. LOL. I guess that I was waiting until I completely ran out of food. Well, the new purse, one that I found for a bargain at Target cost me twelve dollars. Not bad. The total for my groceries was one hundred seven dollars and some change. my personal record for the month is one hundred twenty five dollars for a month. Parting with that money really hurts. I mean, I am not poor, I am just a tightwad. Parting with a Dime hurts. Anyway, I broke down and bought some vanilla ice cream and some diet ice cream and some diet Coke. That make sense??? Nope. LOL.Then comes the final dreaded act: Unloading the groceries at home. Nobody else to help, except for the four footed greeter at the door who really isn't much help after all, I labor to unload. But all is well. I relax when it is all done:)

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