Friday, August 17, 2007

Subprime lenders and subprime borrowers really piss me off

Why would you need to worry if you have a fixed rate fifteen or thirty year 5 percent(for example) mortgage loan?Yes, I know some things happen that are unforseeable, but, IMHO, the main reason that we are having so many troubles with the subprimes is because people who have bad credit, no savings, etc took out loans that they could not afford to pay back and some lenders were stupid enough to lend money to the subprimers.If you are stupid enough to lend someone money and you know that they have a poor credit history, then if you lose your ass, then it is your own fault. If you are stupid enough to borrow money at a rediculous interest rate and then you cannot pay it back, and you lose your ass, then it is also your fault. I have NO sympathy whatsoever for either of you. You both wallow in your own stupidity and you both deserve each other.

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