Monday, August 27, 2007

Am I poor?

I live in middle America. I own my own home. I own my car. I bring in a steady income. That income is less than thirty five thousand a year. I live alone. I have a small house, with an attached garage, a kitchen nook, with two bedrooms, and one bath. Am I poor? I have a clothes washer and a clothes dryer. I have central air. I have a good working refridgerator and a furnace. I have a dog. I have a color television set. I have cable tv. I have a dishwasher in great working order. Am I poor? I have a great little property with nice great big trees on it. I have a microwave oven as well as a conventional oven. I have a computer with internet access. I have clothes I wear and decent pair of shoes. I have a little bit of money in savings. Am I poor?

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