Sunday, September 24, 2006

Today I feel miserable.

Sore throat. Congestion. Watery eyes. Drowsiness. Irritability. Sneezing. Chills.Yep, I have got it all. I believe that what I have is what is known as the common cold. YUCK. I believe that I contracted it sometime last week, because that is when I had a mild sore throat. I became sicker today at work, and was congested for most of the day. Can't call in sick tomorrow, as tomorrow is payday, and I work the payroll! Adding to my frustrations , I was involved in a minor traffic accident Friday and now I have got to hassle with an insurance company. We all know how much fun that is, HA!. Well, at least the accident was not my fault, and I did not get cited for anything. Right now, I am waiting for my binky to get done in the dryer, so after my shower I can wrap it around me to keep me warm. My mother has gone to Tyler , Texas to visit her Godmother who is in the hospital, and will be home tomorrow. I hope that she gets home ok.

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