Sunday, September 03, 2006


When I was a kid, there were no pcs or laptops . Nowadays I still have to use pen and paper because there are no computers in the office where I work.My family owns a business, and they do have a computer at one site, but the main office where I work at has none. My father does not really believe in computers. He has used pencil and paper all his life, and in all honesty, he is almost 70 years old, set in his ways, and a computer would just confuse him. He has no desire to learn how to use one, anyway! and I learn on a somewhat sadder note : the 18 year old kid that I was telling you about in earlier posts, the one that filled out the credit card ap has put in his 2 week notice. He is headed for a financial brick wall, and nobody can really stop him. Its sad

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