Friday, September 01, 2006


I do not fully understand what all the controversy is about parents spanking their kids. I do not have any kids myself, but I can speak from experience as being a kid. I did get spanked(on occassion- I know, theres a SHOCK, haha) but it did not happen that often, and I did learn not to do what I did to get the spanking. Mention it nowadays and some folks think that it is abuse. I think that there is a big difference between giving a kid a swat on the fanny, and tying a kid up to a radiator and punching him. When the subject of spanking is brought up, someone always brings up some statistic about how kids who were spanked when they were younger grow up to be serial killers. To that I say, my brother, sister and I all got spanked a few times in our lives, and so did every kid in the rest of our family, plus friends did by their parents and none of us have grown up to be killers. We were also brought up to respect authority, even if we did not agree(and lets face it, a little bit of fear does not hurt) We were afraid to go to the Principal's office, police, teachers. This does not mean that we were little automatons. In fact, quite the opposite. These days , one of the reasons that I refuse to go to Wal-mart is because of bratty little kids that run up and down the aisles screaming and hitting each other. We(my sibs and I ) did NOT behave that way when we were kids. I have come to the conclusion-no matter how unpopular this opinion may be, that some kids these days are just plain BRATS, and need a good spanking.

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