Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My first surgery

Well the surgery went well. I went in at 9 am to the Women's center close to the hospital at 823 Mulvane. I waited around a while .. the nurse who was with me there had some trouble with the blood pressure machines. She tried about 3 of them-couldn't find my pressure! After she did find it, I was put up on a sonogram and the doctor (Dr Sheridan) began giving me a local anesthetic in my right breast. The needle only felt like a slight sting, then nothing. He located the lesion, then proceded to put in the wire. Then I went on to the mammogram. Well it seems that the Dr had gone in too deep with the wire. When I got up to go to the mammogram, I immediately began to feel a sharp stinging pain in my right breast where the first needle was. It really made me cry out in pain. The doctor and nurse were very helpful and reassuring, and the pain started to subside when I had the mammogram.I had to have a second wire placed. Fun. When I was asked if I wanted another shot of the anesthetic, I said yes! The second wire went in, and the rest of the surgery went very smoothly. At about 1 pm I was transferred from the Women's center to Stormont Vail Hospital. I registered there and checked in, filled out the necessary papers and was scheduled for surgery at 130 pm. I was kinda hungry as I had no t had anything to eat all day. I was also a littlew nervous about having an IV placed in me. The staff at the Women's center and Stormont Vail were all very professional and were great and put my mind at easy. The IV was virtually painless. I remember being wheeled in to the operating room and there were some people there who helped me climb onto the table from my hospital bed. I began to feel a tad claustrophobic(is that the right word?) when someone, a woman, began to put the gas over my mouth. I finally learned to breathe, then I guess that is the point where I fell asleep and before you know it someone is trying to help me wake up! All in all, the experience was a very pleasant one

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