Wednesday, July 09, 2008


And so sorry it has taken me a long time to update this blog. Yes, my legs are both wrapped. It does not hurt, hell pressing on the edema hurt more, and I will have to wear these wraps for the next couple of weeks. I started on Monday, and the wraps are at least comfy. The therapist doing the wraps is excellent. Very patient with me. Only thing I really don't like is not being able to shower when I get home. Can't take the wraps off overnight cause then my legs swell back up. I go to work, then I have to leave for the therapist at just after 10 am.. get there to the office, then when I get to her office, unwrap, take a shower, get dressed and then she wraps me with my clean bandages. I will have to do this next week too. On weekends, even thought I work, I will have to sponge bath. Yuck! And in about 3 weeks I will have to go repeat a sonogram. Fun.

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